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View Where are we now? in a larger map Jo, Annie, Miles and I are living in Northport, Alabama and working at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. We've been glad to be in one place for a bit after what appeared to be semi-permanently traveling (in actuality for a period of 2.5 years).We started this blog to catalogue some of the adventures when Jo and I were sequentially conducting our dissertation research in India and Brazil. While we've fallen off the blogging bandwagon somewhat during recent trips to Brazil, we're trying to pick it up again now that we're back in India!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Allepey: Part 3 (Beaches)

Going to the beach in India never fails to disappoint. 

You can go to a beach and have it be nearly desolate. Just you and the crows. 

We had this experience in Allepey when we hired an auto rickshaw and went 10 km north to "Secret Beach". There are a few places to stay there, and Jo was very clear this was "her type of beach!", so we very well might return if the secret doesn't get out.  

 Well, you, the crows, and some very excited little bunnies. 

And a Momma, grateful for a chance to have a few moments of quiet.

Or, you can go to the beach and have it be a real cultural experience. This is usually the case. After going to "Secret Beach", we headed a few km farther by rickshaw, and stopped at Malari beach. We knew it was going to be busy, as it was a Sunday afternoon, and when we first got there after going to the quiet Secret beach I thought "oh, let's just hop back and the rickshaw and go back". I was so glad we stayed.

As soon as we walked down to the beach (making an obligatory stop at "Uncle John's" Ice Cream truck Photo here, we descended into the swirling pool of colorful humanity that is India on the beach. Women in saris and burqas, men in colorful lungis. Thousands of people, mostly standing and watching the sea. A few dozen playing knee deep in the water. Essentially no one swimming.

Almost immediately, two women grabbed Annie by the hands, and somehow convinced her to go wave jumping with them! This was a total shock to me on numerous levels, in part because she's usually terrified of going in the water even with us.

But she had an absolutely phenomenal time, and so did the women

And it wasn't only Annie and her new friends that had a great time, but the rest of us as well.

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