Where are we now?

View Where are we now? in a larger map Jo, Annie, Miles and I are living in Northport, Alabama and working at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. We've been glad to be in one place for a bit after what appeared to be semi-permanently traveling (in actuality for a period of 2.5 years).We started this blog to catalogue some of the adventures when Jo and I were sequentially conducting our dissertation research in India and Brazil. While we've fallen off the blogging bandwagon somewhat during recent trips to Brazil, we're trying to pick it up again now that we're back in India!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Re-Entry and Reconnecting: 3) Brunch

The thing we were most excited about in terms of returning home from India was introducing Annie to all of our family and friends. This was greatly facilitated by Rita, who organized brunch at the house on the Strand, and two gatherings in the D.C. area the weekend after we came home.

First, the gathering on the Strand.

We had over to the house our long time family friends, David and his mother Judy, David's wife Joanne, and lovely daughter V. We were also lucky enough to be able to get Kevin, Jordan, and their son Q. to come down from PA. It was a lovely lovely gathering. Wonderful food and wonderful friends.

Who has the best smile...it's a tie

Ok, on second thought, Annie wins

Babies are not toys

Relishing being home among good friends

How far we've come in 25 years

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Re-entry and re-connecting: 2) All Smiles

Our first few days at home were spent largely in and around the house, watching Annie:

Exploring her first books

Beginning our extensive exercise regime

And just a lot of general snuggly times

Close lookings

In addition to getting over the time zone change, we began to equilibrate to the colder weather with some nice walks along the water.

And a number of really nice meals with our newest family member. As the next series of photos show, it was a beautifully smiley time for all.

All Smiles: 1

All Smiles: 2

All Smiles: 3

All Smiles: 4

All Smiles: 5 

All Smiles: 6

Monday, December 19, 2011

Re-entry and reconnecting: 1) Landing

Over the last several months before we returned from India, I had imagined again and again what it would be like to leave our apartment in New Delhi for the last time, what it would be like to take a taxi to the airport, what it would be like to sit on the airplane as it took off and so forth. Well, at the end of a fifteen hour flight, they were the images we had all been waiting for:

Jim and Rita Meek earned a gold star for driving 3 hours to meet us at the Newark airport at 4:30 a.m. For their magnanimous efforts, they got their first chance to hold their new grand daughter. 

Here, Grandpa Jim is beginning his new tradition of addressing Annie with the phrase "Annie, this is your grandfather speaking. Hello Annie!" (you have to here it for yourself to get the flavor)

After seeing my parents, the next thing I was most excited about was  seeing Boris, our dog who has been staying with Jim and Rita. 

There had been questions among some about how Boris would react to Annie.

Well, his Papa new that Boris would be a star and shower Annie with love, and that he did! He joined us on the couch and bathed Annie (literally!) with kisses.

After he made sure her hands were nice and clean he just nuzzled his head down onto her lap.

It was clearly a happy  return for all!